Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Five Fabulously Frugal...

I came across this on a number of blogs. One blogger said "I'm not boasting about my actions - I am posting about them, hoping that it will inspire another family to find easy steps to save the pennies" Inspire is my #word365, so I thought I'd do the same.
1: I have continued to list things on Etsy and Facebook Marketplace. I've sold a little teapot, and also my second breadmaker [£5 CS bargain, and it has been in use at Cornerstones, but in the future I will not need two]
2: I bought a pot of 'living herbs' parsley, reduced to 50p in the supermarket. I have been watering it, and chatting to it nicely. It has kept going now for well over 2 weeks, and provided fresh garnish for a number of meals. Not technically a 'this week' frugality, but I'm including it. 
3: I went and saw the lovely Harriet-at-Timpsons-by-Sainsburys, and she re-heeled my Mary Janes. They are patent&suede, and I really like them. With new heels, I shall be able to like them for a long time more.
4: I repurposed two glass yogurt pots, to hold homemade yogurt [with leftover chopped fresh fruit] for our packed lunches**. Cheaper than buying prepared plastic pots and no waste.
5: I have been more diligent about hanging up clothes, and wearing them again a second [or 3rd time] This saves on cost of washing and it helps clothes last longer and is better for the planet [handy guide here]
None of these ideas are revolutionary - but they do help with the budget.
**Although a couple of people remarked on our 'intelligent' yogurt pots, I did make one silly mistake with the lunch. I put 4 slices of bread on the board, buttered them, and spread two with mango chutney & slices of ham, then assembled the sandwiches, cut them into quarters and put 4 in each lunchbox. When I bit into mine at lunchtiume, it was just bread and butter- no filling. "Er, Bob, is there any ham in your sandwich?"... He replied "I've just eaten the last one, and yes, for once, they had plenty of ham in!" Sadly, dear reader, I had assembled two bottoms, and two tops, hence the lack of content in my sandwiches. Never mind...


  1. Those are great frugal things you did! I am inspired by you to do a similar post, myself! I am sorry about the lack of any fillings in your sandwich, though!

  2. Oh no!!!! Your poor sandwich!!! Of COURSE Bob had already eaten it. This is what happens to me too!! Well done on the shoe heeling!!! Always good to do with a beloved pair of shoes!


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