Monday, 2 March 2020

Feed The Birds...

... Tuppence A Bag
I loved Mary Poppins when I first saw the film in 1964. I asked if could have the book for my Sunday School prize that year. My Dad [wise guy] had suggested to the teachers at church that instead of giving the children more Bibles, or badly written "moral tales", it would be a better use of resources to give them classic children's stories, or useful nonfiction books. But somehow the lady sent off to the bookshop came back with book number 4, Mary Poppins in the Park. Never mind. I've kept it for over half a century. Now a gentleman has bought it on eBay and my Dental Fund is £1 richer, and I have more space on the bookshelf.
But since I posted the parcel, the songs have been bouncing around in my head. Which had led to my most creative  utterly weirdest craft activity for some time. I needed a quick and easy item for re:vive yesterday [our monthly cafĂ© style service] Whilst decluttering a cupboard, I found a box containing a display for Remembrance Day, which went out at school a number of times. Including a dozen rather creased and bent large silk poppies.

I found some pipe cleaners, and bought a bag of cereal. 
With scissors I trimmed off the silk petals and the edge of the black plastic fringe, and straightened the wire. Threaded on 24 multi grain hoops, leaving 2cm wire clear. Twisted round 15cm of pipecleaner for a hanging loop. 
Voila! A little bird feeder for the garden. [If you want to copy this idea, remember to take plenty of Cheerios as they may not all get threaded on the wire!] 

Paper birds, and little bird feeders - to remind the children that God cares for the birds, and for us too - and that we have a responsibility to care...
"Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns - yet your Father takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds? "


  1. What a wonderful craft idea, with a deeper meaning behind it, too. I loved the movie and the songs, myself. :) I read the books, too, but, they differed a bit from the movie, didn't they?

  2. Have you seen the film 'Saving Mr. Banks' with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Travers? It's about the making of Mary Poppins the film and really good. You sold your book awfully cheap with it being an old one but I admire your bravery in getting rid of stuff you no longer wish to hang on to while at the same time adding to the coffers. I should take a leaf from your book, so to speak!!

  3. I can just the reaction in this house if I suggested giving Cheerios (holidays only cereal) to the birds. I fear a limit to our understanding of good stewardship!

    1. These were budget Sainsburys ones. And only 25 rings per bird feeder, plenty left in the packet for breakfast.

  4. Did you hang one in your garden, and have the birds eaten it all up?

    My housemate two years ago taught me that song from Mary Poppins. I may have heard it in the movie, but too long ago to ever think of it. She told me how her mother used to sing it to her and that it birthed in her compassion on the poor, symbolized by the birds. I began to sing it a lot because it's such a catching and lovely melody. Thank you for this inspiring prompt :-)

  5. I am afraid it is still in the box I brought home from church. Will try and hang it up tomorrow, and see if the birds like it. It is a sweet little song, sand it does inspire compassion.

  6. The bird feeders are cute! I am glad your book sold! I only recently read Mary Poppins!


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