Friday, 6 March 2020

Day Of Prayer 2020

Today is the 2020 World Day of Prayer - this year the service is planned by the women of Zimbabwe, with the theme "Rise, take your mat and walk". All the info is here. I know that many of you who read this blog are involved with WDP across the world. I'll be at a service locally this morning with Christians from many local churches in my area.
Here's a prayer from the WDP website...

Heavenly Father, in this month when people around the world will be gathering in their churches, schools, prisons, halls and open spaces to ask your blessing on the nation of Zimbabwe, we want to add our voice and say will You have mercy on that ancient nation.
Will You make the difference in that land – turn people’s hearts, heads and hands to You, to Your way of doing things, Your way of living. 
Your Word says ‘Love your neighbour’ – Father, we know there are myriad ways we can do this. Will you help us to see the opportunities You bring to us and give us the courage to take action to show others Your love for them, and that there is always hope in Jesus. 


  1. One of the very busy volunteers at my church has been involved with the organizing in Toronto. She asked me to ensure announcement got into the bulletin and onto the website so it has been well advertised.
    The church hosting this year is St. James Anglican - about a 10 minute walk east of my Presbyterian church. If I can finish up early enough today I am going o try to head over and join them.

  2. As we sung "The sun that bids us rest is waking our friends beneath the Western sky" I thought of all my blogfriends "across the pond" who start their Day of Prayer hours after we do!

  3. That is a lovely prayer. I hope it went well!


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