Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Rosie's Boredom Box

I started preparing this a while ago, intending it to be an Easter present.  But Liz asked for some ideas to keep Ro busy while they are 'confined to barracks', so I've worked hard and got it ready earlier than intended.
The square plastic box originally held cheese biscuits, but has been decorated with scraps of sticky-backed-plastic
[as loved by Valerie Singleton on Blue Peter]
I made a stack of envelopes, using my envelope maker and an old calendar. In each there is all the material for one activity. If crayons or a glue stick is needed, I've written that on the outside of the envelope. And I put these in the box as well. 
What's in the envelopes? I got a pack of simple colouring books in the poundshop. That filled 6 envelopes. I put a couple of finger puppets in another, with an instruction card "Make up a story about the monkey and the elephant. Ask a grown up to take some pictures" 
I had some leftover birds, and bird feeder kits, from a recent activity with the children at church. That filled a couple more envelopes. 
I put in three crown kits [more leftovers]. And some scratch art robots. Also some people shapes with stickers to create faces and clothes. It didn't take long to come up with ideas.
This is number bunting. Ten cards each with a numeral, and a set of punched shapes [butterfly, star, circle etc]  Once the right number of items is stuck on each card, they can be strung along a shoelace. 
The poundshop also provided a cute little bag to colour in, with felt pens. I found a recipe for salt dough, and another for simple biscuits. These went into envelopes along with cutters from my cookie-cutter collection.
And I made a couple of little books using a simple dotty font, so Rosie can write the letters and draw appropriate pictures. These are all simple activities and a couple of dozen envelopes should occupy Rosie for quite a while. 
I've numbered them so the repeats are well spaced and she doesn't get colouring books 3 days in a row. 
I plan to make more envelopes in coming days, this is just the starter. 
Have you any good ideas for occupying little ones? 

DON'T FORGET, the cost of stamps goes up next week. Yo may want to pick some up next time you venture to the shops or Post Office. There are elderly friends I will be sending cards to because they are not online, or living nearby, or able to use phone easily. GET THE STAMPS AT THE LOWER COST NOW!!!


  1. You must be the best Grandma ever, Ang!

  2. You are so creative, Angela. Rosie is going to love doing those activities!

  3. What a lovely idea and thank you for the reminder about stamps. I knew but had forgotten

  4. I'll bet a lot of mums and grans will be thanking you for these great ideas!

  5. STAMPS!!!! Thanks for the reminder! I used to send a postcard every week to a lonely lady of my acquaintance. When she died the daughters told me they had found a tin will all 200... Also to my godmother. I just picked up a box or booklet and worked through it. So easy for me, but so important for the lady. Never underestimate the value of a postcard to a friend in need.

  6. I got my stamps last week, just a couple of books, don't want to be greedy!

  7. How about a stained glass window on tracing paper which Rosie could then colour in and hang on the window?

    1. That's a good idea. I shall have to start making a second batch of envelopes I think...

  8. Ah, yes!!! Stamps!!!!!! I love these ideas for Rosie- really nice ideas- you are clever and resourceful!
    What about making her some paper dolls and some templates for dresses she can colour in?

    1. I lived paper dressing-up-dolls when I was a child. You got a little booklet which had the doll on the (card) cover and outfits inside to cut out...


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