Saturday, 21 June 2008

...and fools seldom differ!

mouse prayer My good friend Lynda [aka Cinderella in the Panto] sent me this mouse late last night.

I pass it on, with love, to you who bother to read my blog - along with apologies to those who read Bob's too.

In the busyness of these last few days we have both been posting our blogs - then when we stop and read each others we realised we had been saying almost identical things on some days. So apologies if you thought you were suffering déjà vu, or you thought we were just trying to get a point across. It isn't that at all - we just seem to be thinking the same thoughts [which is very encouraging, really!]

It is wet and miserable out there this morning. I do hope it gets brighter before all the fun starts!

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  1. aawy (and also with you) (my abbreviation used in MSN and other txt type formats)

    It has been good to compare and contrast your posts - doesn't feel like you're trying to make a point at all. Please don't go all self-conscious on us!

    Rain - oh what a shame, I can't mow the grass (hurray!) ;o)


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