Saturday, 7 June 2008

Thanks, Bob!

Well here are the steampunk goggles Bob googledgoggle2 - and then below them, a picture of the goggles Bob created from the plastic B&Q goIM002560ggles.




He's a very gifted chap, my spouse. This week we celebrated having known each other exactly 30 years. We met on 4th June 1978, and his first words to me were "Not another teacher!" [I was wearing a College Sweatshirt at the time] We met in church, and by the end of that summer we were engaged. That very week, someone asked me what qualities I would look for in a potential husband, and I replied "He must be able to mend cars, put up shelves and read Spurgeon"

God is amazingly gracious - and sent me a bloke who can only do all those things, but also preach a cracking sermon, cook incredible meals, let me ride pillion on his motorbike and steampunk goggles!!!

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