Tuesday, 17 June 2008

God is so gracious!

On Saturday morning, when I came to leave Norfolk, I couldn't find purse my purse in my handbag. I wondered if I had dropped it at Church Friday night, or even left it behind before I left. I hunted high and low on my return, and rang best friend Chris, who is Church Secretary. The purse was not to be found. Felt Very Annoyed with myself, and rang the M&S Cardsafe line to cancel bank cards etc. The helpful lady said I needed a police incident number in case of any subsequent insurance claim, but otherwise all would be dealt with. This morning, my replacement bank card arrived.

Then at lunchtime, someone from Dereham Police Station rang to say the purse had been handed in. They can't say who, due to Data Protection Laws - but they can pass on my thanks. Adrian is going to collect the purse and send it on. Which is all quite unexpected - it's a fairly new purse and I thought it was gone for good. May God bless the honest person out there who took the trouble to hand it in -  HE knows who they are, even if the police cannot tell ME!

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