Sunday, 15 June 2008

Thank the Lord for loving fathers!

IM002580 It's Fathers' Day - and I'm really missing my Dad who died ten years ago - but I have strong and happy memories and am so grateful for all he was to me. But I am also glad to be married to a wonderful man who is a great father to our two lovely girls.

Isn't this a cute cupcake apron? Steph found it for me in her local Woolworths for only a fiver! I shall wear it today whilst helping at our Lunch at Church - even though my contribution is not any home made delight - just sticks of french bread!

The lunch is a special Farewell to Dave and Lesley Woods, to thank them for 3 years of working hard here at KMFC whilst Dave has been studying for ministry. At the last count we had 77 people signed up.

I think 'breaking bread together' is one of the best expressions of Christian fellowship. This will be my third meal with a church group in four days - sadly my waistline reflects this enthusiasm!

Today is Humphrey Lyttleton day on Radio 4 - but that will have to be enjoyed tomorrow via "Listen gain" as I shall be out most of the day at Church. Today is also the 793rd Anniversary of that significant event at Runnymede - as Tony Hancock used to say "Who can forget Magna Carta? Did she die in vain?"!

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