Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I could always get a job at Primark!

IM002584 We got up really early so Bob could get off to Peterborough for his RUN conference. I am looking forward to hearing all about that [no doubt he will blog it all!] I did some admin, and picked hymns for Sunday then went into town on Park'n'Ride and got more fur fabric and some haberdashery bits.

Last night I decided my waistcoat pattern really was getting the worse for wear, so I fixed the two basic pattern pieces to a scrap of old sheetiIM002586ng with Bondaweb. I used up all my fusible interfacing, so needed to get more today. Came home - and spent just two hours making seven fur waistcoats. Here are the bits out on the garden table again, weighted down with bean cans!

The waistcoats took 2 yards of fabric at £7 a yard - so that's £2 a waistcoat, and less than 20 minutes each to make.

Very pleased with the results, and rewarded myself with a proper lunchbreak before starting the afternoon's project.

I am so used to that waistcoat pattern now I can switch off from thinking about the sewing, and lose myself in preparing a sermon. Multi-tasking at its best.

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