Monday, 9 June 2008

How To Make A Point

Hedgehog costumes part two;

  1. Wait for hot sunny morning!IM002566-1
  2. Cover garden table with newspaper
  3. Don plastic apron, latex gloves* and sunhat
  4. Lay costume on table
  5. Mix PVA glue in a yogurt pot - 3 parts PVA to 1 part water - stir with cocktail stick.
  6. Dip thumb and two fingers of one hand in glue pot
  7. Holding fabric flat on table with OTHER hand, grasp clump of fur about 3cm square between sticky fingers. Twist fur, pulling upwards to form spine.**
  8. Repeat - until all costume covered with spines!


This system seems to have worked, I now have two costumes suitable spiny.

*the gloves supplied with hair dye are useful for this. In fact they are incredibly useful for all sorts of gross activities. Steph wears hers whilst emptying humane mousetraps!

**Keep a second yogurt pot with just plain water in it. If the spines separate, twisting them again with slightly moistened fingers seems to help them hold together. IM002570

Here are both hedgehogs drying in the sun. Please note the lawnmower in the background- Bob working very hard to cut the grass despite being afflicted with hayfever this morning, and sneezing repeatedly.

Gesundheit! I don't think that's what Bob meant last night in his sermon, when he encouraged us to bless people this week!

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