Monday, 9 June 2008

Riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an Enigma

Listened to Hut 3enigma3 again. Found it much funnier this time! After I mentioned it before on the Blog, I ended up engaging in some very helpful and thought-provoking communication with James Cary, the writer of the series, all about the mechanics of humour.

Is it right to make a joke when a high proportion of the hearers won't understand it? I know I sometimes make a passing humorous remark in class fully aware that only the brightest children will pick up on it - but if that brightens the lesson for them, it's worth doing surely? Or is it excluding the ones who don't get it - and is that unfair?su_doku

I love maths jokes - and was amused to be sent this one by a friend - but I know that it is meaningless to loads of my friends. But I don't understand the jokes they make about sport!

The bottom line is, I think, that it is important to laugh with people, not at people.  Laughter is definitely one of God's gifts, there to help us live life more abundantly. After all, He created the duck-billed platypus and theclown fish clown fish - both of which always make me smile.

Two final thoughts - did I simply enjoy Hut 3 this time more because I have made a connection with the writer? or, in another context, as I told my Sunday School Class when we did Acts 8:31 the other week "If you want to really understand The Book, get to know the Author"

And [my apologies to non mathematicians] "There are 10 sorts of people in the world - those who understand binary arithmetic, and those who don't"

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