Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sew on and sew on

IM002576 Spent Tuesday evening making more play costumes - stoats fur waistcoats. Decided to avoid fur on the carpets by cutting them out in the garden on the table. Unfortunately a gale got up soon after I started, so I had to weight everything down with baked bean cans! I marked out the pattern on the fur with chalk. Ancient chalk, from my early days in teaching.

There is something wonderfully science-fiction-esque about using a product called "Cosmic Anti-Dust"! Much more evocative than "Berol Dry Wipe Pens"

Then Wednesday evIM002573ening it was off to the church for the Sewing Club - the girls worked incredibly hard, and are really eager to learn. They were intrigued about this blog, and I promised to publish pictures of their cushions and bags. I am being verIM002574y responsible, and not making the girls identifiable - so here's their work, and their hands - but no names or faces!

This week they had to learn to press seams open - and most of them had never handled an iron before!

They seem to enjoy what they are doing though, anIM002574-1d are willing to learn. Ann - one of the adult helpers - showed them some patchwork she had done and they were incredibly impressed. I am getting a real buzz out of combining two of my favourite activities- sewing and teaching!


On Thursday [today] my sewing has been limited to mending the leaking bean bags from the school PE Store!

Why do they call them BEAN bags when these days they fill them with strange shredded black rubber [old car tyres?] When they split, they leave a trail on the floor of the school hall which looks like mouse droppings! At least they can be mended, and do not have to be discarded and replaced.

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