Thursday, 19 June 2008

Words for worship

I ought to be planning my Sunday School Class, but I got distracted reading "Spoken Worship" - the poetry book Bob brought back from his RUN Conference.

Two particularly caught my eye - the first one in the book "Rob's God" which you can read on Gerard Hughes' website, and another entitled "Fit me in Somewhere" which begins with these versejigsaws, and appeals to the patchworker in me!

Fit me in somewhere 

in this giant jigsaw, God,

somewhere in this work of art

you're working,

select a space my shape can fill

and with a puzzle maker's skill

let my contours find their fit without contortion.

Teach me which patch I am, God,  patchwork image

in the cosmic quilt you're quilting.

Show me where my square of selfhood is of use.

Let the colourful complexities

of the pattern that is me

find their purpose in the placement that you choose.

...enough distraction, back to the story of the Philippian Jailer!

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