Sunday, 22 June 2008


IM002601 I DID finish reading "The Shack" - at midnight on Friday, just as Bob came upstairs. Then had to discuss it with him [in a very roundabout way, so as not to reveal the plot!] for an hour or so. It is very clever. But then my brain was really buzzing and I couldn't sleep. Got up, and made 17 handbag tissue holders!  They are dead easy - you just cut two bits of fabric, 6" x 7", seam the short eIM002602dges, turn out, press, do some fancy top-stitching, then put edges to the centre and seam top and bottom. Clip seams and turn out. Fill with a little pack of tissues. Done!

They are good for using up scraps and make excellent little gifts. Perhaps I should get the girls at Sewing Club to do some nearer Christmas-time. Anyway the exercise was quite therapeutic, and by 2.30am I was ready to fall asleep.

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