Monday, 16 June 2008

'Desserts' is 'Stressed' spelled backwards

Yesterday went really well, and theIM002583 farewell lunch was especially enjoyable - but we had way more than 77 present! The kitchen team worked very hard, Matthew and Grace presented the card signed by all the children and Bob presented Dave and Lesley with a print to hang on the wall of their new Manse. Part 2 of the church gift will follow later - once it has got to the Bookshop! Everyone loved the new apron. Alyson did a great Table Quiz.

The food at lunch was splendid, and even with the extra people we still had some leftovers. The french bread came home and today I made it into a bread&butter pud - a dessert which both Bob and I really enjoy. Hard to believe such thriftiness can be so delicious [I do not subscribe to the theory that it must contain cream!]

It is Monday so we are relaxing - allegedly - just off to the Baptist Union Conference for Newly Accredited Ministers though, where Bob is plugging the Ministers' Fellowship and I am promoting Connexion. We went out briefly this morning and bumped into four church members who were kind enough to avoid 'talking shop'!

This evening I shall avoid stress by doing some more sewing I think.

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