Sunday, 29 June 2008

I got rhythm...

It is, as my grandmother would have said "Coming down straight 'airpins out there!" so I hope that it is not quite as wet in Somerset for Steph and Mark who are at GlastonburyGLASTO [where 13 podiatrists are on hand in case of trench foot apparently!] It has been an exceedingly musical week for the whole family. Liz entered a competition and got tickets AND A BOX at the ENO on Monday night, and went to Candide with Jon - then someone gave the pair of them free tickets for Kenwood last CANDIDERnight for the open air Brian Wilson [Beach Boy] concert.           


On top of that, she has also got some free tickets for a N.E.R.D. gig on Tuesday night. Whoever they are!

    brianwilson                                               My musical week included the Wrong Trousers at school on Friday, then last night at KMFC we hosted a concert by the Kingfisher Chorale. The women iNERDn the choir all wear wonderful jewel-coloured jackets which catch the light like kingfishers skimming the water. Isn't that poetic!


They were extremely good, and I loved the organist's rendition of Widor's Toccata.

Then today we had a wonderful, old, hymn at KMFC, which Bob chose having heard it sung by a lovely blind  JamaicanKingfishergroup guy at the OAP service he did on Thursday.

Also in this morning's service, we had one of the brilliant Rob Bell "Nooma" videos, all about forgiveness.

Despite all this music, I am still unable to sing in tune. But I am very impressed by Liz's ability to get all this free stuff - the thrift gene has obviously been passed on there then!



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