Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wet, but wonderful!

IM002606  Karl,our Village Bobby, came and opened the Carey Gardens Fete. Don't be fooled by his short sleeves- it was a really wet, miserable day, with drizzly, pervasive, misty rain which left everything [except our spirits] damp and miserable.

Despite the weather, all the events were well supported. Here's Maureen and Betty at the Cake Stall. They were sheltering under a rather large gazebo!






Debbie, Jane and Jackie ran the Crafts Stall. The rain got suddenly heavy at this point, so apologies to people selling flowers, bric-a-brac and books, because I never photographed you! Had a good discussion with Mike about making waterproof covers for loudspeakers. Ate a hot dog

I walked down to the School, IM002607where Bob and Nick were working hard doing PA for the equally damp Fete there. Nick had fixed binbags with gaffer tape round the speakers. I did make covers back in March for one of Bob's sets of speakers - but in a hurry [with a dismantled £5 nylon fishing shelter] and I think the job needs to be done properly, both for Bob's gear and the Church equipment. Ate another hotdog!

People were still enjoying themselves though despite the rain [sorry - no pictures taken here either]. Last year the school had more stalls selling 'stuff' [books, bric-a-brac, craft etc] This year it was just food, or activities [bat-the-rat, hook-a-duck etc] apart from ONE stall - selling plastic cap guns and toy assault rifles. I felt rather uncomfortable with that - and the number of little boys leaping round the playground 'shooting' each other and random passers by. Is this really to be encouraged, if we are trying to reduce the 'gun-culture' society?

Perhaps if I were a parent of a pupil at the school, I would write to the Head. But I'm not [is that opting out of my responsibility?] I am just the Wife of the Sound Guy [the Very Sound Guy!]

After the School Fete finished, we wound the cables and loaded all the gear into the car, then Nick and I walked backed to CG [no room for us two in the car due to all the gear!] Bob met us there, and we shared a cream tea [Nice scones!] Alex, Tom and their crew were doing a great job Car Washing, and the rain had eased up a lot, which was useful.

All in all it was a good - if rather moist - day. People work so hard and give up so much time, and it was a lovely community atmosphere all round the village, which is great. People were happily drifting from one event to the other and I had some good conversations with people. IM002608










Mark and Marie have kindly let me do the window display for the Village Newsagent's Shop - featuring a sport theme - with all the footballs and stuff they sell, along with posters about our Holiday Bible Club. Bookings are beginning to roll in quite fast now!

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