Friday, 27 June 2008

It's the Wrong Trousers, Gromit!

IM002614 Our charity day at school was really successful - lots of singing, some fun learning, and loads of brilliant examples of 'wrong trousers'.

Having spent Tuesday making Claire's trousers, I ran out of time to do any for myself - so I ended up wearing Bob's huge green work overalls - which have "Pastor Bob" embroidered on the back. They were a great conversation starter!

I am always impressed by the way parents and children take these events on board and try hard to come up with ideas. Judging the best 'wrong' trousers in each year group was so hard. One boy made trousers by pIM002618utting his legs down 2 different coloured fleeces jackets, and another simply stuck foam shapes on a pair of jeans. Others had gone to great lengths decorating and modifying trousers, or creating them from newspaper, boxes, and other garments.


In the afternoon the children I was working with in Year 1 played the musical instruments they had made at home as part of their homework.

Again, there was lots of creativity - things to strum, shake, bang and blow.

We had an enjoyable, but raIM002622ther noisy time. Janet came and played her guitar [she is very musical - playing both guitar and piano]

As well as the newer Dave Godfrey songs, the children loved singing the traditional "Go Down Moses" [we have just been doing Moses in RE with them]






Earlier in the day, we made "Wrong Trousers"- story writing on the inside, and colouring on the outside.

It was all wonderful fun - well done Claire for organising it all.I look forward to hearing how much we have raised for the Children's Hospices.

IM002624 IM002625

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