Saturday, 28 June 2008

Hugh is a Thoroughly Good Egg!

prairie girl I think this book looks wonderfully useful. "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Waltons" were two programmes beloved by my late mother. Mind you, I think that was partly because the families always went to church on Sundays and said Grace before meals! My own daughters enjoyed reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books too. On the other hand, it is probably 50% stuff I can do already [back in the 60's before health'n'safety took over, you had to learn to "lay a fire" as part of being a Brownie, at the age of just 7!] and the other 50% is stuff that is only useful if actually living on the prairie. What's the Leicestershire equivalent?

My knitting friend Jacqui is awaiting delivery of her Eglu eglu_studio_red_c3 - I am very impressed by that - she will have happy free range chickens laying eggs for her [as opposed to laying fires - what a perverse language we have] Jacqui's getting a BRIGHT PINK eglu - which is fabulously girlie, I think!

hugh f-w On the subject of chickens, three cheers for Hugh Fearlessly-Eatsitall. At least he tried to get Tesco's to change their ways. I cannot believe that the shareholders [£38bn profit last year according to today's paper] think it is OK to ignore the RSPCA guidelines about the care of chickens. And do they eat these birds themselves? The NFU, Compassion in World Farming, and the RSPCA are very unhappy about Tesco's £1.99 chickens, so is Jamie Oliver. SO AM I. If Sainsbury's and other supermarkets can do it, then why not Tesco's. It is just sheer greed!

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