Monday, 5 January 2009

Baskets of love.

Back in October I posted a picture of a WIP Christmas gift. In fact I made a whole set of identical presents for family members. They have all received them now, so I can show them properly. This will have to be my last 'Christmas' category post for a bit,I think.



I got some baskets from IKEA, and then did some embroidery  and lined the baskets

I filled the baskets with IM002877some of my marmalade,  packets of Fairtrade Tea, and either a homemade Christmas pudding, or a blue and white coffee mug.







I padded out the spaces with tissue, then wrapped them in cellophane tied with a big bow.


Everyone seemed to like the baskets - especially Gillian, who had a breadmaker for Christmas.

I have been quite amused by the recent articles I have read which say that due to the Credit Crunch, we will have to learn to make-do-and-mend, and give "home-crafted" gifts in future. Some of us have done that for as long as we can remember - and I have yet to see an article which reminds you that if you want to give gifts you have made yourself, you need to start planning and making well in advance. I think Bob and I gave about 3 dozen gifts which we had made - but planning started in August as soon as Holiday Club was over!


  1. Hello Angela,

    Thank you for visiting my blog recently. I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog.... brought back a lot of memories. Your "baskets of love" are such a wonderful gift... and I'm envious that you have the "Mend and Make Do" book! Will have to get a copy of that!

  2. Angela,
    What wonderful gifts and so beautifully wrapped! How thoughtful of you.
    Hope your New Year is full of God's blessings!

  3. Angela,
    I love your baskets! How pretty they are, and a great idea for a gift. Thank you for sharing about them.

  4. Thanks for all these comments- I love reading your three blogs too!

  5. Oh, wow! These are really nice! :)


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