Monday, 5 January 2009


pooh rabbit

Just like Rabbit in Winnie The Pooh, I am very blessed with many F&R. I had some wonderful gifts over Christmas - and really thoughtful presents - not expensive things, but items which the givers knew I would really enjoy.

Marion and Adrian gave me two books - the Make Do & mend, and this one...

Hp sauce It is full of great recipes -and they even gave me a bottle of HP sauce to go with it.


Paul Hartley has written a number of cookbooks to go with iconic products. Cousin Gillian gave me this one...


She knows I always have at least one jar of Marmite in the cupboard.

One of the gifts from my sister in law Denise was quite intriguing. I knew what it was as I unwrapped it, but I could tell tIM003141hat other family members were not altogether sure about it.


Is it a rolling pin?

About 18 inches long, made of wood...



Maybe it is some sort of self-defence equipment, like a policeman's truncheon?


No, the end appears to come off!All is finally explained - it is a IM003143vintage wooden knitting needle holder!!

Denise found it in a Charity Shop in Surrey, and knew I would love it.

It is bIM003144eautifully made and lovely to hold.

I shall take it along and show it off at the Knitting Club tonight.


We went into town to the bank etc this morning - ended up meeting six different friends in the coffee shop! "Knew you weren't well, you haven't blogged for a few days..." said one. Got home to find a wonderful parcel on the doorstep. I really should have taken a picture- it was a proper parcel- wrapped in brown paper and neatly tied with string. Denise had been into her local Lakeland and seen something the sale she thought I would like.


Isn't it gorgeous?

Once the Christmas cake is all eaten, I shall have to make a cake especially to go in it. For Bob to eat, you understand - I am still trying to lose weight and lower my cholesterol!

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