Thursday, 22 January 2009

Pass The Paracetamol!

paracetamol "Still, when I tried to figure it out, all I got was a splitting headache . . . Until I entered the sanctuary of God. Then I saw the whole picture" - this verse [Ps 73:15] was at the top of my Bible Reading Notes this morning. I quite like the way Peterson has changed "it was too painful for me" to "I got a splitting headache" !! Most of the time I prefer to read and study from the NIV, but occasionally looking at a different version brings some thought-provoking freshness.

It was especially good, therefore, as I was sitting in the Staffroom discussing the complicated Iroquois Creation Myth [don't ask - it's part of the RE teaching plan!] when another colleague suddenly said "Ooh,I was reading the story of Creation in 'The Message' last night - it was great! - have you got a copy of 'The Message', Angela?" I said I had - and told her about the headache verse I had discovered this morning.

We all went off to teach our afternoon classes- but just a brief exchange like that, with a friend, about the Word of God, really brightened my day!

text message Tomorrow I start a stint covering a Year 3 Class for another friend who is having a minor op on her foot. About 5 weeks of teaching 3 days a week whilst she convalesces. So I may neglect the blog a bit.

Colleagues were most amused this afternoon by a text from Steph asking "R U 2 still alive?" - "That is the sort of text I send my son if he seems to be too busy to ring home. Not the other way round" said Diana. I felt like a naughty teenager, and promptly sent a reply pleading a very busy week [schools, meetings every night, watching the Inauguration, a funeral...] You can tell it has been busy - I am 5 days behind with "The Archers"

I am all prepared [I think] for tomorrow - so I am planning a nice warm bath and an early night now.


  1. you spend your evenings out playing with needles, you ride around on a motorbike... what do you expect?!

  2. Next thing I know, YOU will be singing "The Mom Song" to ME!!


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