Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Thing of Shreds and Patches

IM003155 I have a favourite jumper- it is extremely old- it used to belong to Liz then she gave it to me a few years ago. It is warm and cosy and a lovely shade of red.

But when I wore it last week, it was pointed out to me that the elbows are rather worn - and my white shirt was showing through. A lot!

IM003147 Have you any idea how hard it is to take a photo of your elbow like this?!

Anyway I washed the jumper [after which I discovered that on the left sleeve, the Very Worn Area had developed an actual Hole.

So yesterday I decided to patch it. I hunted through The Great Stash and found a scrap pf lovely Rose & Hubble "Musical" fabric. It was the left over piece from when I made Steph a special waistcoat back in 1994 [she used to play violin in the Bexley Youth Orchestra, back when we lived down south]

Using my friend Ann's technique with a nappy liner [described here] I made two circular patches.


Then I appliquéd them on to the jumper using blanket stitch. The jumper will be wearable for a little longer I think!


I hope Liz doesn't decide that she wants it back now!

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  1. Have an awesome day! There is an award for you at my blog to pick up! Be blessed.


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