Wednesday, 7 January 2009

No Joke like an Old Joke!


We had fun at the Knitting Group on Monday. Everyone had stories to tell of their Christmas experiences.

Lesley said she had not quite finished the Nativity Scene she'd been making forimage the display at her church. She has finished so many projects in 2008, that we did not think she needed to feel guilty. She said she'd made the figures, but not embroidered all their features.

We did get concerned then. If a Wise Man has no eyes, how will he see the Star? No Eye-dea! [Caspar, Melchior and Do-you-think-he-saw]

Maybe, someone suggested, the Persians had Guide Camels for the Blind?

And then of course, came the inevitable comment..

"My shepherd has no nose"

"How does he smell?"



  1. Your knitting club sounds a bit like ours - we often end up having to undo all the knitting we did at class cos of all the mistakes :)
    "knit one, purl one, laugh one, drop one, undo a row"

  2. No more jokes....the guide camel got me giggling just as I set off for Alpha training!


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