Tuesday, 20 January 2009

In God We Trust

obama family 2

I got home from school and installed myself in front of the TV for two hours, to watch history being made. I found some parts of the inauguration incredibly moving, and admit to shedding a few tears. I wished my father had been alive to see this day - then Rick Warren said something about the company of heaven rejoicing, and that set me off again!

Barack Obama and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

[With amazing forethought, I prepared a chicken casserole in the Slow-Cooker at the crack of dawn this morning, so we were able to sit down to a hot meal at 6pm before Bob had to go out again! Even at momentous times in world history I strive to keep the Pastor fed]


  1. Lol! I chucked a cottage pie together at lunch-time so I too could watch and still feed everyone!

  2. I loved Pastor Warren's prayer! And, yep, I got weepy, too, when he talked about the cloud of witnesses.

    I've just finished the morning papers, and have gotten weepy all over again. Will it ever end?



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