Thursday, 8 January 2009

I don't believe it!

peggys bear


Today - a full eight weeks after I placed the order, [and her 80th birthday] after Marks and Spencers finally delivered to my aunt a large basket of flowers, a teddy bear and a birthday greeting!!!


She tried to tell the man she thought the order had been cancelled, but he wouldn't take the stuff back, so she has kept it all.

No wonder they are having to close some of their stores, if this is the way they operate their business. Ah well,she has more flowers to brighten her home - and I had a confused answerphone message from her, to sort out when I got in from school today!


  1. Urgh, we had a similar situation with ASDA and some groceries that weren't delivered on time. We spent all of one Sunday on the 'phone trying to sort it out and it still didn't get rectified. Lol we ended up with two deliveries in the end! Customer service nil.

    So sorry that your Aunt didn't get the gift on time. I would have thought Marks' would have good delivery standards, but everything's contracted out these days. Although my Grandma has been complaining that their clothes aren't made to the same high standard either, so perhaps it's the all round service that's gone down the pan. It was so much better in th'olden days when you dealt with a real person, in a local shop, by gum.

  2. How frustrating! We just had a similar situation with Dell Computers trying to get a new lap top in time to write it off on our 2008 taxes. They made all kind of promises about delivery, then kept reneging until suddenly it was 2009 and we started thinking about buying a Mac.

    Happy New Year, if I haven't said so already!


  3. oh my! 8 weeks? That's terrible!

  4. Hello Angela

    Nice of you to drop by my blog. Isn't it interesting meeting people from around the world vai blog land? I tend to try and find blogs in a country I would like to visit one day. I've been to the UK a couple of times now and hope to return in 2010 for a quick trip. Only did London and out to Bath in 2000 and just London in 2006 (whirlwind stopover - an afternoon and then the next morning - long enough to do a Red Bus tour and see Madame Tussauds. Lol!)

    I'll put you on my favourites list and drop by now and then.

    Cheers from Australia - Joolz :)

  5. Frances - hope the computer thing [and tax returns] all sorted now.
    Sarah - I had heard of problems with Asda flowers before - have been recommended to try John Lewis next time!
    Joolz- lovely to hear from you!


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