Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Keeping the Heat In!

An unspeakably long day - school, then a lesson-planning meeting, home for 45minutes to grab food, then back to church for Sewing Club, and now home again to get more school preparation done. Feeling guilty that I am not at the Church Meeting, but then I very rarely miss one, so I shouldn't feel too bad...

Just had to have a five minute break for a cuppa and a bit of blogging though, in order to post this splendid cartoon which Carole sent me


"The Knitting Circle are playing their part in our Heating Efficiency Programme"

Tonight at Sewing Club we had yet another new girl - plus a load more fabric which someone has donated. My contribution to Heating Efficiency is insulating the loft with lots of bags of fabric!!

Right - relaxation over - now back to preparing school work and picking hymns for the service I am taking on Sunday night!

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