Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday Stuff

Off to M&S at crack of dawn - I had some reward vouchers to use up, and they were doing their "two can eat for a tenner" offer. I got two lots of food! So that's two Sunday lunches sorted out [and paid for!] And there will be plenty left for another day, as I shall make stock from the chicken carcase, and cut the pies into quarters...

Then to Staples for paper [our Administrator is off work,  convalescing, so Bob has to prepare some orders of service she would normally sort out] and Maplin [because it is next door to Staples - and one never misses a chance to go in!]

Then I did some sewing - my friend at school asked if I could come up with an applique patch for a sleepsuit for a baby doll, on a stars/moon sort of theme. I downloaded two designs from the Janome website onto the memory card, and the machine sewed them beautifully.


The theology of this one is a bit ropey, but it stitched ok!


This one took two attempts, I had problems with the bobbin tension at the very end when it was doing the script. I shall use the nappy-liner technique to make two patches for my friend to sew on.

After lunch we both sat and read for a bit - rather frantically, as the books were on one-week-restricted loan and needed to be returned to the library. I finished off "Killer Heat" by Linda Fairstein. This one was rather topical, being set on Governor's island, New York - just slightly due south of where the plane landed on Thursday night!

Then I returned the books, had a chat with the librarian about the "Pound A Day" one [she had seen a TV interview with the author, and reached the same conclusions that I had!] Very pleased to find the "Down River" novel which Steph recommended. I also picked up a Phillip Yancey [I don't just read detective/legal fiction you know, I have the occasional foray into spiritual literature too!] and a craft book.

Back home, I attempted to recover a favourite teeshirt. Quite old, this white scoop neck got three ineradicable stains at the neckline, which neither Vanish, Shout, nor bleach could shift!


So while the embroidery machine was out, I sewed some flowers, then embellished with a few beads and sequins.


That will be OK for a few more wearings now. I was very conscious of the fact that the beadwork is extremely fiddly and time consuming! I was working with my wonderful magnifying lamp,so I could see clearly - but I really do not see how people in the third world who produce beaded clothes for the UK market can be being paid a fair rate. And I do not just mean Primark - M&S are selling a number of bagm&s bags which are decorated with beads and sequins at under £20. I do not know how they are managing that.

M&S have also reduced their "bugle bead" dress from £75 to £12. Which suggests they had a pretty high mark up on that one to start with.

It is so hard to shop ethically! If I am concerned about the dress and bag being made by underpaid, under-equipped third world workers, does that mean I shouldn't take advantage of the M&S offer on a cheap chicken, and apple pie, because that is helping the company's profits?

Bob will no doubt be spending the evening on sermon prep, so once I have sorted out my Sunday School class, I shall do the ironing in front of the TV. Hope there is something good to watch!


  1. You are so talented and clever! :)

  2. Angela,
    I love what you did with the white tee shirt, very creative. I enjoy you sharing your sewing projects. I don't sew at all (I learned years ago, but was never very good at it!), and enjoy what others can create.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You've had a very productive day. Hope you find a good show to go along with the ironing. My husband is studying too (it must go with the territory :) so I think I'll spend some time with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I'm enjoying it!


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