Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Blog Post #299

This is quite scary - I don't think I realised when I started blogging just how it would turn out. Am I really about to post for the THREE HUNDREDTH time??

I have made new friends through blogging - and discovered new things about old friends who've been following the posts. I have had to discipline myself not to spend too long at the computer, reading other blogs, when I should be doing other important stuff.

My photography is improving [slightly] Picasa is a great help in rescuing disasters and red-eye, and I take fewer photos of headless or footless people now.

blog Through other blogs I have found so much inspiration -  for crafting, for cooking, for children's work - but most of all, inspiration and encouragement in my Christian life. For all that I am grateful to God, and to my friends [new and old].

I think I have stuck to my original aim - to share the Grace of God as I have experienced it in every day of my life. Whether that's while I am in church,or the classroom, or the kitchen or at the sewing machine. Jesus is my reason for living, and He is the One who keeps me going.

I thought I ought to do Something Significant for Post #300. So I shall republish the original post that got me into all this in the first place. I preached twice on Easter Sunday last year [Bob was still on Sabbatical] and he asked if he could put the text of my sermon from the Early Morning Communion up on his blog because he wanted to share it with other people. So he did.

A week later, I started my own blog, and the rest is history! So the post after this one will be quite long [it is a sermon, after all] and it has no pictures.

I pray that you find it a blessing.


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