Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Feeling Rather A Knit!

 knitting needles

I went to Knitting Group last night - but discovered when I arrived that I only had ONE of my needles. I asked around, but nobody had a spare one in the correct size [many other sizes offered, but not the correct one] Spent a while nattering to various friends, then came home early. The group has therefore coined a new phrase

"This is Angela, she is one needle short of a jumper!"

Of course, when I got home, there was the needle sitting forlornly on the table. Perhaps I should try to use circular needles more - but I am reluctant to set aside all those lovely vintage pins inherited from Bob's Mum and others.

knitted brains

Perhaps I should knit myself a new brain like this one produced for the Boston Museum of Science!


  1. Are you taking order for knitted brains? If so can I have pink and fluffy (bit like my last one!)

  2. I would like a knitted brain, too. I could use a fresh one.

    Your needles are beautiful. I will say I just started using circulars (after years of resistance) and they are convenient (tho not beautiful).



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