Saturday 13 February 2010

Books and Bodgers

blood on the sand gregory


I spent the first part of the day catching  up on neglected housework, and then, after a lovely long phonecall to a friend, discussing books and stuff, I called in at the library en route to the shop for some milk.

Found another of Susanna Gregory's "Chaloner" exploits, and also two books about Bletchley Park.


bletchley people

I shall look through this very carefully and see if I can spot my Mum! Although as Bob pointed out, with those 1940's hairstyles, and blurry photos, at least 50% of the women in the book look like her!

I'm feeling in need of a bit of creativity now though, so I want to go and do some sewing.

monty don On the subject of creativity, we did enjoy "Mastercrafts" last night, with the ever-enthusiastic Monty Don [see here] It was great watching people learn greenwood craft, from a 'bodger'.

book token

One pleasant surprise today - when I checked out my books in the library, I was handed a plain brown envelope, containing this.


Apparently I won the Village Library Christmas Book Quiz! But I must make some space on the shelves before I get any more new books, I think!

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  1. Well done!
    Monty Don has come up with two excellent programmes this season.


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