Tuesday 9 February 2010

Surgical Dressings

hospital gown trad I read that NHS hospitals are considering replacing those awful open-back gowns with something better.

About time, I thought.it is impossible to retain your dignity in them!


Then I read they had asked American designer Ben de Lisi to come up with something. Well, I thought, he dresses film stars like Kate Winslet...

beddelisi gown

...so I hoped he would come up with something elegant


But this looks rather like a parcel coming unwrapped to me! Admittedly it does cover one's nether regions - but it is hardly red carpet chic, is it?

Ben De Lisi said "I wanted the new gowns to feel fabulous and aspirational. They are made from beautiful cotton shirting which is very smooth, cool and lux." He said his design "means patients can have their modesty covered but still allow medics immediate access through clever "entrance points" in the gown. It's infinitely dignified, yet practical. And Velcro doesn't enter into the equation." De Lisi's NHS collection, in his signature printed fabric, also includes pyjama bottoms, nightwear and slippers.

[Don't ask me, I thought 'lux' was the SI unit of illumination equal to one lumen per square metre!]

The other week I asked my friend Dave if he had gained anything from his recent spell in hospital - his swift reply was "A new pair of pyjamas!"


  1. That's cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks like a typical 'man' design, complex and not very practical....could we do better?

  3. Yes, definitely something a man designed ... and perhaps one not too fond of the ladies ...


  4. Lol, now who wants to feel 'fabulous and aspirational' as they are wheeled off to surgery. More like 'in good hands' would be better. :) Though I must agree that it's better than the old open backed version!


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