Monday 15 February 2010

Working On My PhD!

For many years, I have been aware of the term used by many craftswomen – UFOs – i.e. UnFinished Objects. Those pieces of work begun with great enthusiasm, which languish in carrier bags in spare bedrooms and lofts, until finally they are either finished, given away to other crafty friends [perhaps you might enjoy completing this?…] donated furtively to a charity shop, or just put in a black bin bag and guiltily discarded.

bin bag

My friend Ann tells me there is a new expression doing the rounds. No longer should you admit “The cupboard under the stairs is full of UFOs” – rather you should say smugly “I am busy working on my PhD”, where PhD stands for “Projects Half Done

We are here at Cornerstones for two days, and both working on PhDs. Today Bob fitted a loft ladder, and has prepared things up there for laying the loft insulation we purchased in the January Sales.


This morning we called on Lucy and Marion, and I showed Lucy the prototype name-patch for her numnah [horse blanket] The instruction was ‘pink and lilac, with butterfly motif’ Lucy seems pleased with progress so far.

Then this afternoon, whilst Bob was ‘up aloft’ I got the sewing machine out. It is just a year since I blogged about my friends Lesley’s red quilt.

lesleys quilt 

I was really inspired and went and checked my blue fabric

quilt bits

There was loads in the Great Stash. I spent time sorting and pressing and cutting. Then Cornerstones became a reality and things were put on hold. But now things have moved on a little further…


The blocks are stitched together, and I have the batting and the backing all ready.

Now I just have to sew the three layers together and do all the hand quilting!

At the end of the process, I hope to have two quilts on the single beds in the spare room here. Watch this space!


  1. That's fast work Ang, but wont they look great together.
    I often work on my PhD too!

  2. By that definintion, I don't know anyone who isn't working on a PhD. :)

  3. Today's post reminded me of the time I earned my Ph.T. In those years hubby studied at the Seminary and earned his Masters. The wives of the students had their own social one evening, complete with copy-cat graduation ceremony during which we were given our Ph.T. degree. It happened to be true for all of us that we Put Hubby Through! Our men were the students and we were the bread-winners! Fun times!!

  4. I'm so impressed that you're handstitching your quilt. One day I'd like to learn how to do this, so I can watch TV while I quilt (oh yes, and to practice an age-old craft. That, too).

    As it turns out I'm working on several PhDs. I like that better than UFOs!


  5. As the possessor of an academic PhD, I am constantly reminded of another meaning - Phenominal Dud.

    I am glad it has a more useful meaning!


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