Wednesday 10 February 2010

Sew Far, Sew Good...

The snow suddenly came down again quite heavily this afternoon- so only four girls made it to Sewing Club this evening.

This term we are teaching them to embroider. We'd been given some iron-on transfers and a huge selection of floss, so the girls chose designs they liked and are stitching away...





...and flowers...



There were a number of 'variegated' threads in the selection, and the girls were quite excited to see how they stitched.

I have to say, two adults with just four keen girls is great! It is so  much easier to sort out stitching muddles when they occur. But I did miss the regular crowd of them chattering away, it seemed strangely quiet!


  1. I remember my Grandma teaching me, patiently, to do lazy daisy stitch, back stitch and even French knots. Needless to say, I dont embroider now, just cross stitch.

  2. Takes me back to the 1970s and hours of embroidery lessons at primary school - does anyone make tray cloths nowadays?! A while back we showed some of our stuff to my nieces who were astounded at the tiny stitches on the hems... stitches I was once told were too big. Times change!

  3. I've never learned how to embroider and would love to one day. It always looks so pretty.

    I wish I had a sewing club to go to!



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