Wednesday 17 February 2010

Watch Out, Bill Gates!

tech support barbie So they’ve announced that the 51-year old blonde who is Barbie has another career – a software engineer working in tech support! She has a pink laptop, and on her feet, matching pink wedges shoes, and a top printed with IT designs.

What about Ken, her boyfriend?

Will he have a new outfit and be dressed as the archetypal computer Geek?

Short sleeved shirt, tie, glasses, pens in top pocket, earnest expression….

IT crowdMoss

Something like Moss out of the IT crowd, perhaps.

I have to say, Barbie is looking very good for her age, isn’t she?

Although I note that her eyesight is beginning to fail and she too wears spectacles now!


  1. I've always thought that a pink laptop would suit me!

  2. She has a very long neck...I am surprised it can hold up her head! Lol.


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