Tuesday 2 February 2010


Today is Candlemas. It is the feast celebrating the presentation of the baby Jesus in the Temple. Not something we Baptists usually make a fuss about - but Floss has a very informative post today


She includes this lovely prayer...

God our Father, source of all light,
today you revealed to Simeon
your Light of revelation to the nations.
Bless these candles and make them holy.
May we who carry them to praise your glory
walk in the path of goodness
and come to the light that shines for ever.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

I shall dig out some nice candlesticks and put them on the meal table [and tell Bob he has no reason to be suspicious about the food tonight, they are not there for camouflage but rather for liturgical reasons!!]


  1. I love your candles, Angela - thanks so much for joining in the celebration. It is a good one, isn't it?

    Ben tells me he loved Candlemas as an Anglo-Catholic choir boy - he used to scour the church afterwards for all the candle stubs and take them home to melt down and make new candles!

  2. What a beautiful prayer.
    Hope you are recovering now.

  3. In bloggland, I am learning that so many of the Christian religions celebrate days I know nothing about, days that truly have signifgance to my faith in Christ. I had never heard of Candlemas before today.

  4. I love your comment about the candles and the meal! Sounds like you have fun at your place.

  5. Like Tricia, I'd not known about Candlemas before this post either--and we Episcopalians are usually very on top of these things!


  6. Good post. The Bishop of Southwark gave a good reflection on Candlemass on "Thought for the Day" yesterday.


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