Sunday 14 February 2010

Love Is...

We were asked to wear red today, as the theme was love. It was encouraging to see people arriving in every shade of scarlet, pink and crimson you can think of



Poor Gwen had just undergone a load of dental treatment and her face was badly swollen, but she still turned up and sang with enthusiasm.

Everyone was given a square of paper on arrival and during the service we folder them into 'cootie-catchers','fortune-tellers' or whatever their technical name is



DSCF1185  The outside faces all said "God loves" and inside, faces read me, my friend, and family members.

After a bit of manipulation, opening the flaps revealed bible verses


Great design ©Bob Almond, contact him if you want the details.

Then home for lunch [I cashed in my last batch of M&S vouchers for one of their 'meal deals'] and I was given my own special paper model


All pretty hearts and flowers.

I made Bob a Secret Message Valentine from Martha Stewart [here]

valentine secret msl


But I thought the heartshaped specs a bit too girlie, so I just covered the 3d ones we were given at the cinema with red cellophane.

And I made up a personalised puzzle for him using this site recommended by Real Simple.

What a frugal pair we are! but very much in love...


  1. I like "frugal" and I like "in love".
    Happy "v" day !

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Angela! Love the cootie catchers. I'm going to have the kids at school make them - using rhetorical strategies - not quite as much fun as yours!
    Have a happy night! Sending LOVE your way!

  3. I used to play 'cootie catcher' when I was a kid here in Japan. I dont know it from st.Valenine's Day in curch.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! I love all the red in church, and the cootie catchers, and how much you and Bob love each other. Happiness!



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