Saturday 27 February 2010

The Busy Bee Goes Off Her Trolley

image Into town, bright and early, on the Park'n'Ride, to buy some silk flowers [more on that at a future date] and a few other bits and pieces.

Yet again, I took my wonderful, and trustworthy "Molly-Trolley" with me.

I have had this for years, and it is so useful for Market Shopping. I spent ages choosing the design - it had to have two wheels, a folding frame[so it could go in the car easily] a 'parking bar' at the front [not a spike of any sort] and a handle sufficiently high for a tall husband to manipulate comfortably. Pulling the trolley is much easier than carrying heavy bags!

Now and then, I wonder if I should make a more colourful cover for the bag - but I never seem to get round to it!

image Back in November, I went to the M&S Penny Bazaar, and among my goodies, got a little money box. I have been using this [very diligently] to store coupons. Whenever I go shopping, I check the contents - and today got £10-worth of food for £4.45! I am careful though, not to buy things I wouldn't get anyway - and 30p off a 'premium' product is hardly a saving if the 'regular' one is still cheaper.

Home again, to sort out some Sunday School stuff for Mothering Sunday, and then after lunch, sewing costumes for the next school production. Twelve tiny bumblebees have fly around the stage for about half a minute - so this wasn't to be a major project. We had some plain black tops already, so I just sewed strips of golden florist's ribbon round them to make bee-like stripes.


They will have little headbands with antennae to wear, and should buzz around quite happily.

Bob is wondering if we should move to Belgium, following a recent news report about the fortunate residents in the town of Mouscron. They are being given pairs of chickens, to keep in their gardens. the aim is that this will reduce household waste!

hen The owners are supposed to feed the chickens food scraps - and then will benefit from the fresh eggs! Owners must also sign a declaration that they will not actually eat the chickens for at least two years.

Mouscron is near Lille, in the province of Hainault [This has always confused me, I thought H was near my birthplace, Romford, in Essex]

Now back to the sewing machine - or maybe I ought to do the ironing first...


  1. ...and you could knit them all little jumpers?

  2. After further consideration, I am not sure I am up to the responsibility of looking after livestock, you know. I would probably lay awake at night worrying about foxes!
    I shall stick to buying free-range eggs from the supermarket instead.

  3. I would love to live in a town where they give you free chickens. Of course, yesterday I saw our neighborhood fox crossing the road, making me wonder how long our chickens would last ...



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