Sunday 28 February 2010

Quails And Wotsits

The  lesson in the book for Sunday School was a bit complicated, and I was not sure how many children I would get, or how long we would have in our groups.

We were focusing on the Children of Israel grumbling to Moses about how conditions in Egypt were better than in the desert.

So I prepared a sheet and laminated it [made 3 of these so it was more of a competition between them]


There are of course some deliberate wrong answers - and the manna and quails are what they did eat in the wilderness. As I do not have a picture of manna - but the word means "What Is It?" I think a pack of Wotsits is a reasonable illustration here

[for non-UK blogfriends, Wotsits are a cheesy potato snack made by Walkers, called Cheetos in the US I believe]

The children got most of the right answers - but were surprised that they didn''t have potatoes in Egypt - but did have leeks!


  1. So the Wotsits is really the right answer? Funny!

    I like your poster. Oh, where were you when I was in Sunday school?


  2. And cucumbers, onions and garlic! Bet their breath smelled bad!! (But don't tell the children that, I shudder to think what their drawings would look like!

    I imagine that these veggies would add something to what was probably a fairly monotonous diet of beans. After all, they were slaves, probably didn't eat meat. Though maybe they ate fish from the Nile?

  3. I think the bit about 'fish we ate at no cost' in Numbers 11;5 suggests you are right Gilly, and they DID go angling in the nile!!

    Frances - I suspect that when YOU were in Sunday School, I was teaching Sunday School in a church in southern England somewhere! I have been doing this for an awfully long time, I'm afraid.

    Thanks for the comments


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