Tuesday 9 February 2010

Have A Break...

banana and kitkat

Which do you prefer for a snack - a KitKat or a banana? According to the BBC News website [here] PM Gordon Brown is attempting to wean himself off his four-a-day KitKat habit, and eating nine bananas instead!

Given the choice, I think I would opt for a banana - it is healthier, cheaper, and much more versatile. You can eat it as it is, mush it on toast [spread with Nutella, if feeling really decadent] chop it into custard, blitz it into a smoothie, sling in on the BBQ, slice it over your Branflakes ...and if it languishes too long in the fruit bowl, it will still bake into a moist, sweet banana loaf.

And then there is the indescribable sensual pleasure of writing a message on a banana skin with a ballpoint pen [you just have to try this yourself to understand what I mean!]


Not sure I could manage to eat NINE in one day though! Apparently the PM's strategy is to help him prepare for the upcoming Election. But I would certainly prefer 63 bananas a week to Maggie Thatcher's 1979 pre-election diet [allegedly 28 eggs, plus spinach, cucumber, the occasional steak and a regular swig of whisky]

Do you remember this? [surely there is only one 'p' in unzip though?]

I asked Bob which he would prefer for a snack - KitKat, or banana.

He said "Both!"


  1. I used to love bananas then I was told to avoid then as they would interfere with some medication I was on - maybe the potassium level in them??? Anyways I just don't love 'em like I used to even though I'm off the pills. So ....... hands down the kitkat wins - anyhow - you can't dunk a banana in a cup of tea - so that definitely settles it - lol!! How are you feeling? Much better, I hope.

  2. Much better thanks Lynn - currently MY medication means I cannot eat grapefruit - and I am still at the stage of wishing I could eat them. No doubt I will love the appetite for them soon tho!

  3. I'm not keen on bananas, but do love Kit kats! However, I could NOT eat 4 a day!
    so glad you are feeling better.

  4. I thought we were supposed to be boycotting Nestle products because of their baby milk marketing agenda in the developing World? Doesn't Gordon know anything about this campaign..................or doesn't he care? Not that Maggie would have cared either despite her Methodist roots.

  5. We stopped buying Nestle due to all the baby milk scandals and now they go FT! I SUPPOSE this means that they're kosher now, but have they really cleaned up their act on all fronts, I wonder?

    So until I know that, I won't be able to tell you which I'd prefer ;)

  6. Hi

    I'm afraid it would be a Kit Kat for me lol....

    Thanks for posting on my blog and offering to send me the door handle - I'm gutted as I just bought a purple butterfly.

    Thank you very much for your kindness though


  7. My Mum can't eat grapefruit either, it's her favourite fruit too, poor thing.

    9 bananas a day? By gum, that's a bit excessive. He'll spend half his time in the toilet surely?


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