Tuesday 23 February 2010

Still Snowing

snoglobe Did you have a snow-globe when you were a child? [maybe you still have one now]

The utter fascination of shaking it up, and watching all the flakes slowly circling and settling ...

...and then doing it all over again!

Right now, I feel like I am living inside a snow-globe.


Outside the window, the white stuff is swirling round again, and I wonder if spring will ever come to this neck of the woods. It is hard to believe that only three days ago I was walking through London in the bright sunshine with my daughters, feeling warm!

When I got in from school [just as the snow was starting to fall] Bob announced "Just popping down the church, shan't be long!" and left. That was ages ago. I am sure he has been delayed for good reason. if he is not home by meal-time, I shall call for dog-sleds and Inuit search parties!!

us snowflake stamp

...no, that is his key in the door.Time for a cup of tea I think!


  1. Hang in there! We are getting more snow than usual here near Washington DC. We are supposed to get more tomorrow. UGH!

  2. Had enough of the white stuff by now! And its snowing again here too.

    Yes, I had a pretty 'Snow Globe' just a little cottage, I think, but I loved it!

  3. Hi Angela, love that stamp , thanks for visiting ,glad you liked the cushion--------------cottonreel

  4. Snow is beautiful when you're warm inside. We've spent a lot of time in a snow globe here in Northern Virginia this year.

  5. That's EXACTLY how I feel - like I'm in a snowglobe but all there is, is fog - overcast - ice crystals - flurries! I think this too shall pass and in the stifling heat of summer I shall wish for winter!

  6. I came to visit for A Pause in Lent and enjoyed reading this as well. During our last snowstorm the snow blew sideways and it was so much like a snow globe. As I drove in it, it was so beautiful and almost mesmerizing! Very fun but I'm definitely looking forward to spring :)


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