Tuesday 19 October 2010

Don’t Panic!

We spent the morning in Thetford - aka Walmington-on-Sea to Dad’s Army fans [details here]The first ever scenes were shot in a room in The Anchor Pub –now in a sad state of disrepair


We parked in the nearby car park, alongside the river [Little Ouse] which was teeming with waterfowl



The other side of the river was Butten Island, a small park. The autumn colours were fantastic


DSCF0022 We ambled through the small town centre and I took a picture of Thomas Paine – author of The Rights Of Man, who came from Thetford. We could not understand why he is holding his book upside-down though!

The Dad’s Army Museum is only open on Saturdays, and we didn’t think the town was exploiting all its historical and TV links quite as well as it might have done.

A plaque in the market square was informative


One Thousand Years ago – the Sixth Largest Town in England

Swein Forkbeard and Canute dropped in! But actually I was more amused by the name over the butchers


Permission to volunteer, sir!


This series was good fun and many of its catchphrases have gone into the language [“Don’t tell ‘em Pike!”]

But that Fussy little Bank Manager was the one who held it all together, and finally this summer, a commemorative statue was unveiled

Captain Mainwaring, we salute you!


Here is the Pastor on holiday


[And I’m sure you are too polite to think of that other Dad’s Army Catchphrase “Stupid Boy"!”]


  1. Dad's Army is one of those programmes/programs that will stick in my mind for always. It was so silly and funny. If we are doing something and it is not going well we still both say "Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring". Fancy there being a memorial to a fictional character!

  2. I've never had the pleasure of watching "Dad's Army" but Thetford looks lovely. Glad you and Bob are enjoying your vacation!


  3. I love Dad's Army, Captain Mainwaring always reminds me of my grandfather


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