Thursday 28 October 2010

What’s On Your Christmas List?

Among the predicted ‘top twelve toys’ for Christmas this year comes this amazing pair - retailing at around £25

sylvanian george and mildred

“This old-fashioned motorcycle & sidecar has storage spaces in the front of the sidecar and the pannier at the back of the cycle. George & Mildred Mulberry are the racoon Grandparents and enjoy riding around the country lanes. George has a helmet & goggles so he can see where he is going. Mildred likes to wrap up warm before they set off as it can get a bit breezy in the side car!”

Why, oh why didn’t they have these a quarter of a century ago, when my girls were first into Sylvanian Families and their Dad was riding his previous bike into college every day? I’d have scrimped and saved to buy this sweet couple!

I can think of absolutely no justification whatsoever for us to get them NOW – but I think they are wonderful all the same!


  1. Christmas!?!?!?!?!? I don't even want to count the days!!! LOL

  2. Gave up buying Chrissie pressies a few years ago for our adult family and grandkids cut out at age 18. I'm rather glad we now only have 4 under 18's to buy for - which reminds me, two of them are in the USA so I'll have to get busy to catch the sea mail.

  3. Raccoons!!!!
    Just what you want to let loose on unsuspecting children; you should have seen what they did to our corn patch! Raccoons would be better depicted wearing bandanas and carrying flick knives.(he he he )

  4. When life is so short why search for justification - lol!
    (Anyway your little girl wants one!!!!!)

  5. Lynn- my "little girl" was 26 last week AND she earns more than I do. She can buy her own!!

    Jane - you have more experience of raccoons than I do - mind you, back in the 80's when we had Sylvanian Families, I sewed them alternative outfits, so I guess I could probably rustle up Hell's Angel outfits for these two bikers if needed.


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