Friday 8 October 2010

Late Night Feminist Rant

The new Shadow Cabinet has been announced. I am not making any comments about who has got which job – but WHY do they keep referring to “Yvette Cooper…

yvette cooper

…the wife of Ed Balls”

ed balls

and not “Ed Balls, the husband of Yvette Cooper” ??


  1. Oh yeah! I just noticed! I'm going to complain to the BBC!

  2. Don't know who either of these folks are, but I'm in full agreement with your sentiments!


  3. Cos they're men of course!

    Never quite sure why they can't just be themsleves in their own right... the comments about the twin sisters or even the Shadow Scottish Sec (Gathering Place MP) were equally patronising.

    I get equally hacked off when they insist on citing marital or parental status

    Ang having a feminist rant?! Wow!

  4. Waving banners here too Ang. It seems as if a woman has to be anchored to a man to have any value....hah!

  5. I just keep wondering why they keep referring to them full stop - lol!

  6. It must be frustrating for her to not be simply mentioned in her own right. But I must say that perhaps it isn't because she's female or a wife but because Ed Balls is more well known. I'd never heard of Yvette Cooper, but I had heard of Ed Balls. I'm sure Denis Thatcher was always, "Husband of Margaret Thatcher".

    My pet hate is female sportswomen being referred to as 'girls' when the men are referred to as 'men'.


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