Thursday 21 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Steph!


Twenty Six Today! Congratulations!


Steph definitely inherits grace and elegance from her father’s side of the family. Not from her mother, as the photo below shows!


Please note, if you try on one of these silly cake-hats, do not press the red button, or it will start playing “Happy Birthday” – and if you press again to try and stop it, the thing just seems to go into repeat mode. And on no account should you pay £2.99 for one [the candles droop alarmingly anyway!] Just do what I did –put it back on the pile and walk away briskly.

We went into Norwich this morning to see “Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps” at the cinema



General conclusions – plot rather thin. A few good actors, some clever graphics occasionally – but not the best film I have watched of late. Its main theme seemed to be “The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Kinds Of Evil” [and I knew that anyway!]

In one scene,Douglas and LeBeouf walk through Central Park. I was sure the woman behind them was Sigourney Weaver! Cannot find out if this is true, despite extensive googling.

Planning to spend a quiet evening sewing and reading!


  1. I love the hat, i can't believe it only cost £2.99! That is a real bargain!

  2. Nice interesting reading Angela--cottonreel


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