Sunday 31 October 2010

Putting The Clocks Back!

I always feel that the extra hour gained this evening should be used constructively. So I have been busy wrapping my Christmas gifts [many of which have been constructed over the summer]



That’s about 60 gifts done and dusted, only 3 more to organise. Whilst I worked,  I listened to the Neil Diamond Concert on Radio 2, humming along to that song about casually dressed clergy - “Reverend Blue Jeans”

I apologise to anyone who is way behind me on their Christmas stuff – I just know that life gets impossibly manic here in the run up to Dec 25th – and the only way I can give love and attention to my gifts is to sort them out good and early.


  1. Wow! How wonderful to be this far ahead of December! Great job!

  2. You are exceedingly organised! It's a good job we get an extra hour in bed, I'm up far too late.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Wow! That is a lot of gifts finished. Good for you! I wish I had it that together this year. :-)

  4. WOW! I'm so amazed at how organized one can be! You are a true elf! Sweet, too!

  5. We called it the Revd Blue Jeans too!

    Christmas gifts wrapped - that makes me feel dizzy! I haven't even started thinking about them yet.

  6. 60 presents! i suppose you make a lot of friends being a pastor's wife, I'd love to know what's inside them as I've made a few presents but still have more to go

  7. I've never thought of myself as an elf before!
    Catriona - this year, I think you can be excused thinking about presents, you are very busy with other stuff.
    Mrs B - yes, there are all the small gifts for the worship team and deacons etc.
    No pictures of present contents yert, as too many of the recipients read the blog!!

  8. Am shocked and dizzy and sick and quite ashamed - I spent my extra hour (and a bit more in bed)

    And I am bad enough to have felt shocked , dizzy and sick for just two minutes - lol!

    Well done :)

  9. I think it's lovely that you know so many people xxx

  10. Oh my!
    I began sewing my first gift yesterday!
    Our clocks do not go back until next week and I am looking forward to the extra hours rest.


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