Saturday 9 October 2010

Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness

It is absolutely Autumnal now, and I took Audrey’s Apples and made the Archers of Ambridge Apfelkuchen.

How’s that for Artful Alliteration?


[click on recipe to see it larger]


This is Elisabeth’s recipe from our Swap Evening last month. I took the photo, then realised I was supposed to dust the cake with icing sugar. Unfortunately I was a bit over-enthusiastic, and the resultant blizzard like storm of white did not leave me with a very photogenic apfelkuchen. I never was any good at dusting!

We had a slice for supper, and it still tastes good – there is a lovely moist layer of apples and sultanas through the middle.

Thanks, E for sharing this recipe, and A for donating the windfalls!


Life has been so busy lately, I am completely out of touch with “The Archers” and only managed to hear one programme ‘live’ in the last fortnight, and not even managed to “Listen Again” properly. I have been relying on Brian Maskell’s weekly plot summaries to keep me in touch.

At the church around 8am this morning – to arrange flowers and sort out a cupboard, whilst Bob & about 30 others enjoyed a Men’s Breakfast [they did give me a sausage sandwich to eat as I worked]



And here’s a close up of Ken enjoying his full fry-up.

He was being teased about the fact that I’d probably post the picture on the blog straightaway so that my other friend Elizabeth [with a ‘z’ not an ‘s’] out in India can see it and be re-assured her Dad is eating properly!!

The news this morning from Chile is very positive – let us continue to remember those men – that soon they will be enjoying proper meals again with their families!

chile miners2

“Pray for our brothers who are trapped in the mine at San Jose”


  1. Those men have been amazing, never giving up hope, and remaining so positive.

  2. Thanks for the recipe, Angela. My apple trees are ready for picking. :-) I'll give this recipe a try.
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. I never doubted that Dad was eating properly for a moment! Good to see so many men at the breakfast.


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