Friday 22 October 2010

We Went To Wymondham And Watton

[btw Wymondham is pronounced Windham]

Wymondham is a lovely market town with a lot of history [find out more here] Today was actually market day. There is a Market Cross atop a building nearly 400 years old.


The Tourist Information Office is now housed in this building.

The rest of the week, the market area is surrounded by bollards, I think to restrict parking – but today all the bollards were neatly stacked in a rack to make room for all the market stalls.

They reminded me of cannons!


There are some superb old buildings to look at…


We wandered down to Becket’s Chapel – now an art gallery, which was  first a chantry chapel, then the boys’ grammar school, then the library before its current incarnation.

Outside is the town sign – designs on either side celebrate the wood turning heritage of the town – as do street names like ‘Spooner Row’




Inside the gallery was an exhibition based on a recycling theme – all the exhibits were made from repurposed things. Some just artwork to hang on the wall, like these made from locks, keys and tickets


DSCF0040 Others were a little more strange – these hanging plastic bottles made an interesting noise when touched – and you were invited to stand in the middle and see/hear how it felt.


I thought this interpretation of the water lilies at Giverny was very cleverly constructed- it is made entirely from old plastic carrier bags


and Monet’s original…


Outside the gallery is a plaque to two Norfolk heroes


By the gallery is the Dragon Pub – this inn dates back over 500 years!


After all this culture,we had a good wander round the many charity shops, and Bob bought an LP for 50p [“we don’t sell many of them” said the surprised assistant] and had a cheap lunch in a greasy spoon cafe.

Then we went to Watton – Bob looked at Triumphs in the motorbike shop [whilst I went in still more charity shops – but bought nothing] then we drove to the Norfolk Guitar and Bass Centre, which was enormous fun. [website] Watton is twinned with Weeze in Germany [since 1987] I love the sound of “Watton and Weeze”!ngbc_logo

Then back to Cornerstones, time to catch up with the neighbours over a cuppa, then Bob cooked a brilliant evening meal. I shall really miss his cooking when we get back to our regular non-holiday-timetable next week! He did a warm chicken salad, accompanied by new potatoes. He cooked the spuds a la Jamie Oliver – boiled, smashed and pan fried [recipe here]. They were delicious!

Now I should go and help him wash up!

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  1. My goodness, the faux Monet is amazing! I'm sure there was no such thing as a plastic bag when he was painting.
    So glad you are enjoying your break.


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