Friday 29 October 2010

Fewer Chillies, More Wallies!

On Thursday Night I did another of Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals [here] This one took me 33 minutes though! Here is his meal -

jamies pie

Mine took longer because;

1; my puff pastry wasn’t ready rolled [it very nearly wasn’t thawed either, but fortunately I was able to ring Bob at lunchtime and he kindly retrieved it from the freezer for me]

2; I collected the ingredients together beforehand, including some fresh thyme from the garden – but then couldn’t find it 10 minutes later, so I had to go outside and pick some more!

I didn’t do his dessert [berries. cream, shortbread biscuits] – I just sliced some bananas into glasses of yogurt and drizzled some caramel sauce over them.

It was all very tasty. I forgot to photograph it before we ate – but here’s the remaining half of our pie! Not sure why Bob sliced it on the diagonal – but you can at least see the pretty effect of the criss-cross scoring on the pastry!


There were also some French Style Peas left. So that will make another meal tomorrow with some mashed potatoes perhaps.

I reserved a little of the pastry to make some Quick Portuguese Tarts – posting a picture of them especially for The White Van Man In Scotland [you know who you are!]


The Book People Rep brought new boxes of goodies into the staffrooms of the two schools where I work this week – including Jamie’s book for only £10. So I have ordered a copy. On Tuesday someone asked “Is it true you actually did his curry in 30 minutes and it worked?” [how fast news travels!]

The only down-side of this system encountered thus far is that I work flat out for half an hour, and produce a great meal which we both sit down and enjoy together – but then my kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it, and it takes me another half hour afterwards to clear up!

The up-side is that I can manage to fit more stuff into the day – after school I was able to visit two friends in hospital and still have a meal on the table at 6.30pm.

Whilst I think that I shall enjoy doing meals from this book, and I know Jamie says he produced it because he was keen to make good meals quickly and spend more time with his children [and the ever-pregnant Jools] I am not sure how well this system would work for younger mums. It does require intense concentration, hands-on, non-stop activity for the full half hour. Not really achievable if there is a three year old needing to be taken to the loo, a baby wanting a feed, and a seven year old getting stressed about homework – and a husband ringing on his mobile to say he will be late home anyway.

And he is so very fond of chillies – which I omit all the time because I am not. But, like Jamie, being a true child of Essex, I am quite happy with his recipes which include wallies [the Essex name for pickled gherkins]

Enough blogposts about Mr Oliver. Please Sir, I don’t want any more for a bit!



  1. Although it is good to be able to produce a meal in 30 mins, hard at it, I think I prefer to work at my own pace, happily allowing for distractions!

  2. In our house, I have an even better solution - DH is the cook, and he loves to putter around for hours producing fabulous meals, as good as anything Jamie Oliver produces! But then, we're both semi-retired and have the time to do this kind of thing. I love to look at your recipes and cooking ideas - they're certainly inspiring!

  3. My parents have been raving about this chicken pie recipe all week- but I feel I must point out that I've been making it for months- since reading it in a relatively recent edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. Hmmmm, Mr Oliver!

  4. I've just had a look at your Jamie 'reviews' and they are all brilliant. I too, am not a huge fan of chillis so I'll be omitting most of them from the recipes.

    Tonight we are having a bit of a mish mash from the book with a strawberries drink from one meal and a pasta dish from another, but in the interest of a fair and honest review I shall have to attempt the true '30 minute meal' sometime this week.

    Perhaps when Lovely Hubby is around to answer the phone....because it always rings when you don't want it to!!

    Sue xx


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