Saturday 23 October 2010

Poste Restante

What do you do when you first get home from a week away? We usually follow the same ritual – all the bags in from the car, kettle filled and switched on … and then we sit down together with mugs of tea, to sort through the mountain of post that has accumulated on the doormat. Much of it is stuff we skim through then discard almost immediately and consign to the recycling bin.

Today there was some mis-delivered stuff, as the next road has a name just one letter different from ours – and the lady at the same number there has a very similar surname, so we frequently get each other’s post.[What a ridiculous decision it was by the planning people to allow such street names!]

And bizarrely an invitation for Bob to pay £50 attend the Annual Dinner of the Oxford University Pistol Club. [he isn’t going!]

And lots of stuff to recycle


And in the middle of all that, some real treats!


Two Marie Claire Idees from the magazine swap organised by Floss, all the way from France, and some pretty cards, and a Thank You note from my newly-wed niece.

After the post-sort, then Bob checks the answerphone messages. Among them was one from the library saying my book was in! So I popped out to deliver post to the correct house and collect my book

sew pretty hopmestyler 

That looks like a lot of crafty reading lined up for next week then - but as we will be back to normal, holiday over, I am not at all sure when I will fit it in!

And after the post-sort and phone-messages, there is sorting out the food situation and loading the washing machine…and the holiday feels well and truly over!


  1. Please let me know if the book is any good and what a treat getting non-junk or bill mail

  2. And then comes the text set of tasks.... check the emails and post a blog.

    Glad you had a good break. Enjoy your library book.

  3. Always so much to sort out on return, even from just a few days away. Post, washing, unpacking....
    Hope you feel very relaxed after you holiday.

  4. Welcome home. I love that book - have borrowed it several times.
    Our homecoming ritual is Steve brings in the bags (lady muck - me!) I put the kettle on and whilst it boils hurtle round the garden noting all hatches, matches and dispatches. Steve divides the post up. I load the washing machine. We drink tea and read post. He watches football whilst I unpack - his treat cos he did all the driving- then we put the cases back in the loft and sit in the garden!! We are folks of habit!

  5. If I have been away I feel as though I have to catch up on everything right away, then I rush around and feel as though I haven't had a rest at all.


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